Self Publish, Be Happy

SP,BH Publications

Self Publish, Be Happy Summer 2010

60 Photobooks Selected by Bruno Ceschel and Photographed by Peter Haynes, Nik Adam and Åsa Johannesson.

With detailed technical information about each title (size, format, printer used, etc).

This book is published to coincide with Self Publish, Be Happy’s showcase of 60 contemporary DIY photobooks, selected by Bruno Ceschel and exhibited at the Photographers’ Gallery in London, June 5-6, 2010.

52 colour photographs, 96 pages, 18x 24cm, digital printing, softcover

Design by Glenn Howard, Untitled

The book is supported and printed by ubyu

The book will be available at The Photographers’ Gallery Bookstore on 5-6 June weekend.


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